Second PCST book published

A book containing the wisdoms of science communicators worldwide has been published. The book Communicating science in social contexts conveys science communication theory and practices, published by Springer, was launched at the second day (June 26, 2008 ) of the 10th international conference of the PCST (Public communication of science and technology).

“All I have to do is to read it time and time again. It is rich of critical thinking,” says editor Cheng Donghong, executive secretary of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and also a member of the PCST Scientific Committee, at the book launching ceremony.

Cheng is one of the six editors of the book. The others include Michel Claessens from UK, Toss Gascoigne and Jenni Metcalfe from Australia, Bernard Schiele from Canada, and Shunke Shi from China.

The book is written by 31 authors from 10 countries such as China, Australia, United Kingdom and Sweden, with contents ranging from reflections on the science communication theories to how to implement concrete science communication plans in the complicated social contexts. All these editors are members of the PCST Scientific Committee.

All of the book editors made short speeches in the entrance hall of Malmo University, Sweden, to celebrate the new book’s release. All participations of the conference can get a free book on spot. It is the second book on science communication edited and published by PCST Scientific Committee, after the first one Science communication in a human face, published in 2006.

Chen Weixiao, Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and SciDev.Net intern

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