PCST-10 conference ‘increased awareness of the Scandinavian science communication’

The PCST-10 conference was an opportunity for increasing the awareness of science communication in Scandinavia and of the science communicators who work in the region, according to Jan Riise, executive coordinator of the meeting.

“It was an injection of energy and inspirations for those who are working in science communication in Scandinavia”, said to SciDev.Net Riise.

He also believes that bringing the conference to Scandinavia allowed expanding the international network, engaging more people in the region. Riise highlighted that he believes that people from other countries also enjoyed the conference, going back with new contacts and ideas.

PCST-10 finished on Saturday (28 June) with two post-conferences: Science Communication Training of Trainers Workshop, aimed at pcst-10 conference participants who may currently be training scientists for public communication, or who expect to be doing so, and Science Festivals all over the world.

The first one was a workshop presented by Esconet (European Science Communication Network), which has developed 12 science communication training modules as part of an eu-funded project.

The second post-conference was headed by the EUSCEA, the European Science Events Association, with almost 70 members in more than 30 countries. About 30 people participated, sharing experiences carried in Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, US, UK, and France.

The importance of evaluating such science street initiatives – and how to do such evaluation in a significant way – was one of the most issues discussed in the second workshop.

“The workshop on science street was valid for meeting colleagues from other countries and realise that the some problems and issues are the some, doesn’t matter the country,” said Riise, who was head of the workshop and is president of EUSCEA.

Luisa Massarani, Latin America coordinator, SciDev.Net

2 Responses to PCST-10 conference ‘increased awareness of the Scandinavian science communication’

  1. Dohee Kim says:


    Three South Korean participants also attended the second post-conference headed by EUSCEA. Thank you for everything! I miss beautiful Scandinavian countries and nice people there.

    Best regards,

    Dohee Kim

  2. I want to know more about PCST. Can you provide me all the details?

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