Bamako ‘Call to Action’ unites 69 countries on health research

[BAMAKO] Ministers from across the developing world say they want to take control of their own health research agendas as part of a wish list presented at the Global Ministerial Forum on Research for Health yesterday (19 November).

Launching the much-awaited ‘Call to Action’ at the closing event of the Forum they said they want to prioritise policies dealing with research for health and improve coordination between ministries so that their respective countries can have more ownership of research.

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One Response to Bamako ‘Call to Action’ unites 69 countries on health research

  1. Lopson Balopi Kebapetswe says:

    Just want to know which 69 countries are those? Was Botswana represented? Or any other Sub saharan country? I guess it is now time we initiate our own research on diseases affecting our continent. Therefore,each region should be represented, and we can pool together our institutions and resources to combat diseases. Sub Saharan Africa should focus on HIV and TB, the most killer diseases in the region.

    How long is it going to take us to have visiting scientists across the region? Visiting scholars across the region? This might help in solving our problems. The 2% of national health budgets going to research is a good idea, states should start awarding leading scientists with grants to carry on their research. Perhaps this might help to avoid “brain drainage” from Africa to overseas countries. Or even more, African scientists doing cutting-edge science elsewhere might be attracted by those grants and interest of their governments in their work.

    We going somewhere.

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