Some music, a lot of work: the first day of XI RedPOP meeting

Around 140 representatives from 8 of the 11 Latin American countries that take part on the Science and Technology Popularization Network (RedPOP) were together to the meeting`s opening session. There were people from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Chile and, of course, Uruguay.

Besides local authorities from Uruguay, took part in the event Jorge Grandi, chairman of the UNESCO department for Science in Latin America and Caribbean. He emphasized that the high qualities of the researches to be presented during the meeting shows how much RedPOP – an organization related to UNESCO – has influenced science communication in Latin America.

He added that science communication should be considered as “a precious tool to promote democracy” and, as so, shall be encouraged and supported.

Alejandra León Castellá, coordinator of RedPOP, added that the XI RedPOP meeting is a result of a 20 years history, with important improvements in science communication within the Latin American context. “The work we do together take us beyond”, she said.

The opening session ended with some Uruguayan music – nice! – and was followed by a lecture on democratization of science, by Rodrigo Arocena. After lunching together, the participants began the oral presentations on museums, materials, non-formal education and science journalism. Around 200 people are participating on this meeting.

Catarina Chagas, SciDev.Net


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