How’s your IBSA?


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This conference has been dominated by voices from a small number of countries. As they are the host, it is not strange that South Africa has taken a prominent role. But many talks have also come from India and Brazil.

In a way, it’s not surprising. There are more scientists in South Africa and India than in, say, Mali. But it is putting a slightly weird spin on things.

For example, we are not hearing enough from the poorest of the poor—except in the third person when delegates from the countries above talk about wanting to boost South-South cooperation.

And that they do, constantly, which is really encouraging. The financial crisis has opened up avenues for them to rally and try to plug the gaps left by the worse affected developed countries, who foot much of the bill for science and technology support for the poorest countries.

The governments of the ‘big three’ are also pushing strongly for collaboration with each other. The IBSA (India, Brazil, South Africa) partnership is still evolving, but speaking to South Africa’s science minister it seems like it is going well. Each party has put $1 million into a central pot for 2009/10.

Perhaps one of the outcomes of this conference should be some sort of gentlemen’s agreement between the better off developing countries and those who are really struggling for closer cooperation, perhaps plugging some of the gaps left open by Western donors cutting funding due to the financial crisis?

Linda Nordling, SciDev.Net

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  1. Sehnaz Özdamar says:

    IBSA India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Summit- Join the debate!

    The India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Summit will be held in Brasilia on the 15th of April. IBSA is a trilateral, developmental initiative to strengthen South-South cooperation and policy dialogue and coordination among these major emerging countries. Parallel to IBSA, IPC-IG- Policy Center for Inclusive Growth is organizing the 4th Academic Forum (12th & 13th of April) with focus on following topics:
    -The Role of (non-contributory) cash transfers
    -The Role of employment Programs/Policies
    -Health Innovation, Intellectual property rights and access to Essential Drugs
    -The Role and Potential of IBAS as a Plurilateralist Agreement

    Where does your voice come in? What do we think about IBSA?

    Join the discussion blog :

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