Official draft text of working group ignores IPR

You have heard what Rasmus Vincentz  had to say  (see video in the blog below)  on what developing countries can and cannot expect on the tech transfer front during the negotiations. And that they should not have expectations on intellectual property rights  (IPR) issues (makes it inconvenient for companies looking for customers, looks like).

In fact,  IPR no longer figures in the draft official text on the outcome of the ad-hoc group on long term cooperative action (AWG-LCA – remember the COP language?).  This is what it has to say in the section on tech transfer:

Enhanced action on development and transfer of technology


45.  To establish a Technology Mechanism pursuant to decision -/CP.15 (Technology) to accelerate technology development and transfer in support of action on adaptation and mitigation that will be guided by a country-driven approach, consisting of:

(a) [An executive Body on Technology] [A Technology Action Committee] in accordance with terms of reference to be adopted by the Conference of Parties;

(b) A Consultative Network for Climate Technology to be supported by regional technology centres to support and accelerate the diffusion of environmentally sound technologies for mitigation and adaptation through the provision  of technical assistance to support on adaptation and mitigation country Parties.

T V Padma, South Asia Regional Coordinator, SciDev.Net


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