GCARD soundbites: day 3

GCARD delegates had been eagerly anticipating today – (almost) nothing but parallel sessions, providing plenty of opportunities to vent frustrations, share ideas, and help shape the CGIAR reforms. If you had something to say, day 3 was your chance. Here’s a small selection of soundbites to give you an idea of what went on:

Heard during the CGIAR plenary:

“Change must happen in a way that involves everyone.” Carlos Perez del Castillo, Chair, CGIAR Consortium Board

Heard during the parallel discussions:

“[The CGIAR reforms] will be an evolving story, nothing is cut in stone.” Marianne Banziger, CIMMYT

“We grow rain-fed crops. If it doesn’t rain, there will be hunger.” Lydia Sasu, Farmers Organisation Network, Ghana

“We will not make a top-down plan, we are not intending to be arrogant.” Marianne Banziger, CIMMYT

“Is this a mega-programme or a giga-programme? If you try to include every aspect [of biodiversity into this mega-programme] it will turn into a giga-programme and you’ll giga nowhere.” Participant in biodiversity session

“What’s new here? From the first day [of GCARD] we’ve been saying business as usual is not acceptable. But it looks all like business as usual to me.” Neth Daño, etc group, Philippines

“We need to stop talking about linking to farmers and start talking about involving farmers.” Kwesi Atta-Krah, Deputy Director General, Biodiversity International

Heard during the ‘Open science’ session:

“I hope we can dispense with the silly and dangerous dichotomy between science and development.” Louise Fortmann, researcher, University of California, Berkley

Naomi Antony
Assistant news editor, SciDev.Net

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