GCARD soundbites: day 4

The final day of GCARD was a lively one, with promises of concrete change coupled with sober reminders of the task that lies ahead. We heard from a range of stakeholders, all of them united by their desire to do things differently – and put this desire into action. Here’s day 4 in quotes:

“A number of barriers have prevented us from realising agricultural research for development’s potential.” Kofi Annan, former UN secretary-general

“Are we concentrating [our] efforts on the right crops and regions?” Participants from the thematic area 8 discussion

”We should be … ashamed that we haven’t reduced hunger and poverty in the world.” Monty Jones, incoming GFAR chair

“Gender is non-negotiable.” Mary Njenga, Kenyan researcher

“[The process] ‘I research – you transfer – they adopt’ is no longer applicable.” Brazilian delegate

“Put some lights and targets on the map which will indicate the road.” Participants from the ‘Thinking forward’ session

“When it comes to a tough job, they turn to a woman.” Uma Lele, GCARD global author

“The role of partnerships has been highlighted in a way it hasn’t been before.” Carlos Perez del Castillo, chair of CGIAR’s Consortium Board

“One third of the human race are smallholder farmers.” Kathy Sierra, chair of CGIAR fund council

“We are starting a new era of agricultural research for development and all of you need to own it.” Adel El-Beltagy, outgoing GFAR chair

“Action, action, action!” Uma Lele

Naomi Antony
Assistant news editor, SciDev.Net


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