Signing off

Its curtains down for ESOF 2010 today. The conference saw a lively mix of reviews of research advances in various fields, as well as policy dialogues, several of which are discussed in developing countries too. And given the European Commission’s support for research in Africa, at least sessions looked at issues in Africa.

There have been other lively sessions – pizzas with profs for young scientists below 35 years who got a chance to interact with top Italian scientists over lunch (what else but pizza in Italy?). I gather this is a specialty of ESOFs – it was salmon with the scientists in Stockholm; and Tapas in Barcelona. I would strongly recommend a scientists and samosa or scientists and idli/vada at the next Indian science congress.

Scientists at ESOF 2010 in Turin have been speed-dating too. Now don’t get the wrong ideas. That was innovative speed-dating between scientists and business/industry to quickly acquaint each other of their fields of work and likely mutual interests. Cool.

Before I sign off, special thanks to the Robert Bosch Foundation whose fellowship helped cover the conference.

T V Padma, South Asia Regional Coordinator, SciDev.Net

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