Crewe next NASAC president?

The next president of NASAC? Credit: InterAcademy Council

The Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) will meet tomorrow as an add-on to the ASADI meeting – a ‘two birds with one stone’ sort of thing.

On the agenda is choosing a new president to replace the ubiquitous Mohamed Hassan, who has to step down after being selected as a co-chair of the Interacademy Panel (IAP) earlier this year. Sudan-born Hassan is also retiring from his post as executive director of TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world.

Rumour has it that Robin Crewe, vice-rector of the University of Pretoria in South Africa and president of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAF) will be the next NASAC president.

Linda Nordling, SciDev.Net columnist

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