Finland to host the next WCSJ

The host for the next WCSJ will be Finland, it was announced at the Doha meeting.

The organisers of Helsinki 2013 are promising a World Conference Science Journalism (WCSJ) like no other so far, with an emphasis on more interactive discussions, a multicultural perspective to issues and an even more diverse attendance by delegates.

Goodbye Doha, hello Helsinki. Credit: Flickr/magnusfranklin

Members of the Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists (FASEJ) said they will work to ensure the forum will not be a conference for North American and European science journalists, but a congregation where people from all parts of the world will attend, bringing with them different cultural, social and political backgrounds of the environment s in which they work.

“We want people attending to be from as diverse regions as possible and then we explore what we have in common so that we can all learn something new,” said Paivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen, an FASEJ board member.

The organisers say that Helsinki 2013 will inspire people to talk less science and concentrate more on science journalism, with emphasis on ethics, and the economic, political and social environments that journalists from various regions work in.

“We intend to have less time for speakers and give more time to delegates to talk, so as [to] make sessions more interactive,” said Raili Leino, another board member.

The major theme will be digital media, with topics on the place of science journalism in the era of new media, and how new ways of gathering, reporting and marketing have changed science reporting, said Ulla Jarvi, chair of the programme committee.

The group said that planning and organisation for the 24-28 June conference will begin immediately, and they hope to host more than 800 delegates from across the world.

Maina Waruru, SciDev.Net contributor in Kenya


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