Community-based adaptation: can it be a solution?

Bothina Osama

Bothina Osama
Middle East & North Africa regional news editor, SciDev.Net

T Cannon, Institute of Development Studies, UK

Terry Cannon, Institute of Development Studies, UK

“Community-based” is the keyword for any solution you may think of on local level, this is how Terry Cannon, a researcher at the Institute of Development Studies in the UK described his view in finding a way to improve the integration of disaster risk management (DRM) with climate adaptation, in the context development.

Cannon pointed out that these three issues are difficult to separate, “if we are putting plans for development we have to work on disaster risk reduction, and this will lead us to climate adaptation”, so the three issues have to intersect in many junctures.

He maintained that the link between DRM and adaptation to climate change has improved in the last five years but the problem is that they are not linked to development, nor are the funds. The agencies operating at the community level especially NGOs, and the donors that support them, still find it difficult to integrate work on adaptation and on disaster risk reduction with development.

Therefore as community-based adaptation and community-based disaster risk management expand rapidly with adaptation funds flow in larger quantities, there is a danger that separate silos will continue with a lack of clarity of where funding will fit.

Cannon raised that community assumed to be valid locus of interventions, but the continued mismatch between people’s priorities and DRM have to stop, and culture and belief systems that are still largely ignored have to be engaged.

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