Let’s channel the energy of science centres!

Bothina Osama

Luisa Massarani
Latin America regional coordinator, SciDev.Net

As someone who works in a science centre, I found it very exciting to see that the Planet Under Pressure conference allocated plenary space to a talk highlighting the need to engage the public as part of the strategic plan for a better world.

The talk was actually on the key role of science centres and museums in engaging the public, and it was given by Margit Fischer, First Lady of Austria and chairwoman of the Austrian ScienceCenter-Network.

Museu da Vida, the museum I work in.

This is part of an effort of hundreds of worldwide science centres, members of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC).

According to ASTC, the common goal is to strengthen the position of science centres as active and successful players in the Rio+20 process and beyond.

“We all hope for a powerful plan of action, but even the most ambitious programme will need to be complemented by effective public engagement; in order to achieve this, we propose that science centres and museums be created, developed and supported worldwide as vital resources – particularly in areas where they are currently missing, such as in much of Africa,” she said.

“We call for a strategic plan that channels the energy of science centres and museums to advance a UN outreach strategy”.

This blog post is part of our Planet Under Pressure 2012 coverage — which takes place 26–29 March 2012. To read news and analysis from the conference please visit our website.


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