Rio+20: How to reduce your message to humanity by a third

Aisling Irwin

Aisling Irwin
Consultant news editor, SciDev.Net

If you had three minutes to address heads of state on your concern for humanity the last thing you probably want to hear is … that it’s been reduced to two.

ICSU president Yuan Tseh Lee’s three minutes (see previous post) has been chopped in just this way as, I understand, has the slot of each of the other eight Major Group leaders due to address the opening of the Rio+20 summit next week.

Flickr/ SdotCruz

At the coffee machines during the Science Forum I asked him how he was going to reduce by a third his message to humanity.

“I was watching the football over the weekend,” he said “Argentina versus Brazil. I was listening to the commentator. He spoke so fast, he got so much across.”

So much energy! Yuan Tseh Lee is wondering if he could learn from that.

Not a bad idea. If he could inspire the Rio+20 negotiators to act like a football crowd rather than the nit-pickers they currently are, we might score some goals for humanity.

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One Response to Rio+20: How to reduce your message to humanity by a third

  1. ICSU will soon publish the outcome statements of this meeting, but it is unlikely that anything newly concluded this week would find its way, by any official means, into next week’s Rio+20 conference – at this stage the official channel for S&T input is just two minutes wide.

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