Science, Rio+20 and young people

Luisa Massarani

Luisa Massarani
Latin America regional coordinator, SciDev.Net

About 50 science museums and scientific institutions are joining efforts to engage children, teenagers and families in Rio+20-related science issues, in an initiative led by the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MSTI), in the warehouse Pop Ciência na Rio+20 (Pop science in Rio+20).

Its main philosophy is that science and technology (S&T) are increasingly present in everyday life and that S&T can help find solutions to Earth’s greatest problems. With a key aim of the initiative to give a voice to young people, the debating arena offers young people the opportunity to talk with experts on Rio+20 themes.

“Biomes”, a 2,000 square metre warehouse, which brings fantastic images of the Brazilian ecosystems deserves special attention. Another exhibition talks about how tropical biodiversity was a source of inspiration for Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace.

I asked Ildeu de Castro Moreira, director of the Department of Popularisation of Science and Technology of the MSTI and ‘father’ of the idea. He said: “I would say that it is the messages left by thousands of children in the Tree of Life, on their thoughts about Rio+20 and the challenges for the Planet”. These messages will be posted later on their website. Children also have the opportunity to grow a tree “to compensate the carbon emitted by the initiative, for example with transport”, he said.

More about the activities at:

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