Will the president of Chinese Academy of Science become the next president of TWAS?

Li Jiao
China correspondent, SciDev.Net

Welcome to my blog from the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World’s (TWAS) 12th General Conference and 23rd General meeting, taking place in Tianjin, China, this week!

Academicians discussed who will be next president of TWAS during today’s dinner, and Li Desheng — a 90-year-old member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and TWAS — told me he believes that Bai Chunli, president of CAS, will be the next TWAS president.

Many Chinese members agree. Tomorrow morning the result will be announced.

I’m very lucky to be allowed attend the sessions ‘shaded in dark’ on the programme — closed sessions for members only — tomorrow morning because I was selected as a member of TWAS.

Tianjin, China (Credit: Flickr/~MVI~ sleepless in bangkok)

So tomorrow I’ll let you know who the next president will be, and well as information from the closed sessions, including the speech named ‘Science, technology and innovation for sustainable socio-economic development’ by Atta-ur-Rahman, former Pakistan minister for science and technology, and ‘Science for development’ by S. Ting.

I will be filing several reports each day on this blog.

The conference looks so interesting! I’ll keep you updated.

This blog post is part of our TWAS 12th General Meeting blog, which takes place 18 and 21 September 2012, in Tianjin, China. To read news and analysis on South-South cooperation please visit our website.

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