TWAS meeting ends on a high note

Li Jiao
China correspondent, SciDev.Net

The TWAS (The World Academy of Sciences) conference finished today, Bai Chunli, its next president and the president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, working hard to make it a success. Bai told me, smiling, that he was very excited about the conference, so he never felt tired.

“I’m satisfied with the conference, because the meeting has completed all the programmes we have arranged for it,” Bai said at the closing ceremony of TWAS 12th today.

Before closing the conference, he expressed his thanks to all the participants and speakers for their participation and contributions.

In particular, he expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and TWAS Secretariat.  Without their full-support and hard work, the conference would not have been such a big success, he said.

The conference saw TWAS changing its name to The World Academy of Sciences; and pledges of US$1.5 million to TWAS from the Chinese president.

This blog post is part of our TWAS 12th General Meeting blog, which takes place 18 and 21 September 2012, in Tianjin, China. To read news and analysis on South-South cooperation please visit our website.

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