COP 11 plenary gets stuck on mobilising financial resources

T. V. Padma

T. V. Padma
South Asia regional coordinator, SciDev.Net

One of my first blogs mentioned that mobilising financial resources to implement the 20 Aichi targets will be a tough job at the Hyderabad meeting.  So it has been.

The concluding plenary in on an extended break. It has passed a set of decisions, on issues ranging from who will host the next meeting (Korea), to core CBD issues such as marine biodiversity, inland water ecosystems, island biodiversity, protected areas,  marine and coastal biodiversity, ecosystem restoration,  a progress report on gender mainstreaming,  biodiversity for poverty eradication and development, and invasive alien species. I may have left out a couple (such as retirement of decisions), but you have the general idea.

The Korean delegation is hosting a reception outside on the venue lawns, possibly hoping that it will not inherit the finance baggage from Hyderabad. Meanwhile, we have been greeted with the announcement that the plenary, which was to resume at 1930 hrs IST, has been extended by two hours.

So mobilising the cash is continuing to be evasive.

What we have is, in the report of the working group dealing with the issue, which concludes: “Despite the spirit of cooperation that had prevailed throughout the deliberations, the contact group had unfortunately been unable to come to an agreement on the outstanding issues. It has been agreed that those issues would be addressed by the Conference of the Parties during the plenary session”.

And the plenary break is extended, waiting for a consensus.

This blog post is part of our coverage on COP 11 Convention on Biological Diversity — which takes place 8–19 October 2012. 

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