The grand finale — Undemocratic text?

Bolivia and Venezuela  have just said their countries were not consulted on the draft final text. They reminded Ban Ki-moon of meanings in the English dictionary, and that  the word “all”  does not mean “a few”.

Bolivia’s Morales said  Bolivia was very concerned by the  way in which  groups of only a few presidents or heads of state were consulted about the text.

And Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez said: “We were not approached or asked”.  There are no first-category and second-category presidents, he said, adding “we will not accept this (draft document/text/whatever)”.

Obama, too, received a lesson in meanings of words, with specific reference to his statement that the time has come act and not talk. “Starting from NOW, please fulfil the Kyoto Protocol,” Morales reminded an absent Obama who left soon after his speech.

More to follow,

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